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Denise D.

"My daughter had a wonderful experience at OMNS. The teachers, Judy and Kathy, gave lots of individual attention to each of the kids and their specific educational needs, as well as fun group experiences that helped the kids learn how to be part of classroom education. After her year at OMNS, my daughter was well prepared for Kindergarten. She was ready for the classroom environment and expectations, and ready for learning. Thank you OMNS and Teachers!

Christy A.

Both of my daughters attended Oakland Mills Nursery School for their 3s and 4s class preschool programs. The education that is provided is wonderful. The teachers help prepare the kids for Kindergarten and instill a love for school and learning. They are highly invested in each child's success! One of the things I loved to see, throughout my four years being involved in the preschool, is how much the children grow in independence, and confidence. As a parent, it was a wonderful experience to have a hands-on approach and be able to be in the classroom, once or twice a month. It is a really big way to convey to the kids, that learning is fun, when you have a wonderful curriculum and the parents are directly involved. I would highly recommend this preschool to any family that is interested in having a "say" in their kid's preschool education and want to be directly involved in the program. You definitely will treasure the memories!

Jodi G.

"Oakland Mills Nursery School has been a fulfilling first experience to school for our children. We love being involved in our children's preschool days and are grateful for the patient, knowledgeable and consistent teachers."

Lesa W.

"This was our first year at OMNS. Overall, we were quite pleased with the school. What was required in terms of co-oping was reasonable and facilitated a more fulfilling school experience. The consistent schedule and compassionate teachers helped my son ease into his school days without mom. I would leave the school knowing that my child is not only well tended to, but is receiving well thought out instruction within the context of play and group activities. "

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