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OMNS Curriculum


OMNS offers children in our 3's & 4's class, a unique opportunity to learn under an individually developed curriculum, which was approved by the Maryland State Department of Education as meeting the State's highest standards set forth by child development experts.  All areas of learning are addressed each day, including:


  • Language and Literacy

  • Cognitive (mathematical and scientific thinking)

  • Social and Emotional Skills

  • Creative Arts (music, art, drama)

  • Fine and gross motor skills


Every day includes child directed playtime during which

children explore interest centers,  such as art, dramatic

play, books, blocks and building, math and science. 

Children become involved in playful sensory exploration

to construct their own knowledge at their own pace. 

Child directed playtime is balanced with teacher directed

small and large group activities to help children master

developmental goals and objectives. The curriculum incorporates guest visitors from the community and school families to share their talents, cultural traditions, and areas of expertise.

At OMNS we strive to prepare children for the ever-increasing

expectations of kindergarten by fostering their natural curiosity and building a true love of learning.


3's Class Info

4's Class Info

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