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At OMNS we have established several programs, activities and events, which we believe further enriches your child's preschool experience.  Some examples of these programs include:



Unique Features and Programs of OMNS (4's Class)



This unique feature of our program takes place on Thursdays *when typical school resumes again. Students learn critical thinking, observing and analyzing, and creative thinking in problem solving and design. On this day the students focus on putting science, mathematics, and engineering practices into use!


Pattern Prince/Princess


            The purpose of this program is for children to have fun with pattern recognition and pattern creation.  With emphasis on patterns in all areas of the kindergarten curriculum, the teacher sets the children up for success by initially modeling patterns related to current lessons, building on mastery of skills.  Beginning in December, a different child is scheduled to be the Pattern Prince or Princess each day for the next few months, giving each child several turns.  At second circle time, the child who is the Pattern Prince or Princess that day wears a special crown, and the teacher uses a magic wand to turn them into royalty!  The teacher assists the child to accurately share a pattern with the class which they have practiced and created at home.  The teacher asks other children to show they know what comes next in the pattern by covering their mouths and raising their hands, giving every child time to figure out the pattern.  Patterns may be visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or tactile.  If a child forgets their pattern, they can exercise coping skills and initiative by creating an auditory or kinesthetic pattern spontaneously.  This program not only builds patterning skills, but also self-confidence and a love for learning!


Super Star of the Week


            This program is a fun way to build self-confidence, expressive language skills, early reading skills, and an inclusive classroom community!  Every child is randomly given a turn to be the Super Star of the Week.  The Super Star receives a poster which they complete with their family over the weekend and return on Monday.  On Monday, at circle time, the child receives a crown, a necklace, and a cape.  The teacher plays Star Wars music as the child flies across the room, and sits next to the teacher to share a special toy from home and the information on his poster.  The class is encouraged to ask questions specifically about the show and tell thereby effectively learning to use question words.  The poster is then displayed on the bulletin board with the child’s photograph.  During center time, each child tells the teacher something nice about the Super Star, which the teacher writes on a dye-cut to place on the Super Star bulletin board around the child’s poster. The class gathers at the bulletin board at the end of the day to read the comments and give the Super Star a big round of applause!  The poster and comments are later added to the child’s Then and Now book.


Letter Bucket


            The Letter Bucket program motivates learning and supports children as they develop phonemic awareness and oral language skills.  Children are randomly given a turn on Mondays to take the Letter Bucket home.  At home, the child finds items that begin with the letter of the week and places them inside the bucket.  During circle time the next day, the child sits by the teacher, and presents and names each item. The teacher writes the words on a dry erase board, modeling phonics and written language rules, and the class practices making and listening to the sound of the letter. 


Letter Books


            About once a week, each child completes a page which is added to their personal Letter Book.  Children begin by the tracing the upper and lower case letter of the week.  Then, they make their own at the top of the page.  At the bottom of the page, they attach a tangible item that begins with the letter of the week.  As students’ progress, they will have the opportunity to exercise visual motor integration skills and near point copying of high frequency words from the kindergarten curriculum. In May, the completed Letter Books are distributed and the children proudly take them home!  This program builds letter/sound recognition, fine motor skills, and visual motor integration.


Writing Journals


            Selected samples of the children’s work throughout the year are collected in personal student journals.  Samples are selected by the student and the teachers.  The journals are kept in the child’s cubby at school for the child to read and review whenever they want.  Work samples may include artwork, dictated stories, and writing samples.  Children demonstrate early reading skills and pride in their accomplishments as they often share their journals with one another!


Newly Enhanced Focus on Mathematics


In 2017 Oakland Mills will introduce a new math curriculum based on the College and Career Ready Standards for Prekindergarten Mathematics. On selected days throughout the school year, lessons will focus specifically on mathematical thinking. This will include songs, dance and movement activities, games, and crafts.  Our goal is to make math every child’s favorite subject!


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