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Unique Features and Programs of OMNS 3's Class

At OMNS, we are lucky to have an award winning accredited program for both the 3's and the 4's! Each day the Caterpillars (our 3's class) begin with Opening Circle where children review the calendar, jobs, and participate in a specialized whole group lesson. After the Opening Circle, children practice and reinforce the lesson from whole group with a adult in small group, the co-op parent allows for our ratio to be no larger than 1 to 5. After this instructional period, children play in various areas around the classroom engaging with adults and fellow classmates to build social and emotional skills. The children come back together to share a snack (provided by the co-op parent), read stories, and sing songs aligned with the weekly instructional focus.


There are also several established programs, activities and events, which we believe further enriches your child's preschool experience. Some examples of these programs include:



The Royal Reader Program


In January, we celebrate National Reading Month by beginning our Royal Reader Program. Family members (parents, grandparents, and siblings) are invited to sign up to be our Royal Readers! They will read a favorite, age appropriate story to their child’s class. The student will sit by their Royal Reader at circle time and choose crowns. I will wave the magic wand to magically transform them into the Royal Readers! The Caterpillars and Butterflies will welcome Royal Readers at second circle time (about half an hour before the end of the school day). This program fosters a love of reading and an appreciation for literature. It has been a huge success in the past. I encourage you to volunteer to be a Royal Reader on your child’s school day. Look for the sign-up sheet on the school bulletin board. This program will continue until Spring Break.


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